Jump The Gap

Ejercicio de innovación para el concurso de JUMP THE GAP para ROCA en el año 2010

Take it easy, relax, enjoy the roca waterfall, take the synergies of the nature in your home. Now with roca you can have a waterfall in your bathroom. Yes, is a new generation state-of-the-art bathroom equipment. Now you can make your dream true, you can tell you friends that you have a waterfall inside your own home!
The idea: is to use basic and soft lines to describe the concept of a cascade and merge it in the shower with the objective of giving to the family a relaxing option when someone take a shower. This waterfall lines are used in all concept design in the other bathroom elements. We have 4 basic elements: the shower, the lavatory, the toilet  and the vidette.

1.       The concept starts with the shower. We represent  a cascade, a waterfall of a river. The materials are the traditional in a bathroom. In the shower we have the usual construction of fiberglass as in other showers created by roca . Maybe could be thermoplastic for the body lines. So we have stainless steel for the pipes and faucets, filters and wood as a spacer for thermal insulation and anti sliding for the  feet and seating areas. There were covers of abs thermoplastic with a translucent finish. It could be taller for better water sealing offside the shower. The panel control has 4 buttons for function: disc, waterfall, handle jet and faucet.  The tall of the waterfall will be able to be modular for the installation and the different sizes of users.


2.       The Lavatory is the same idea of the concept of the waterfall  focusing on the function of washing hands and face. It has the dimensioning as the lavatories that were in the market. The materials are the same of the shower.


3.       The toilet has an inspiration in the cascades but is more stylish with the curves of the river. There was a ergonomic aspects, as the triangle shape (for top view) to reduce the legs contact with the border for maximize the comfort for the ladies. The toilet has an accessory: an aluminum spacer and heater (with an electrical plug-in required for calefaction)  but also works as a carpet to reduce the contact with floor.

4.       The vidette. It has a faucet adapted to its use, but with the same lines as the rest of the products. Is the prolongation of the concept of the toilet, it has as the toilet an spacer-heater.


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